i feel

…gratitude for having the most wonderful foster daughter, who shines her
light through my darkness and has been my most influential and profound

…gratitude for the pleasure and pure joy my pets have provided me. Pets
are the best kind of therapy!

…gratitude for the roof above my head, the food on my plate and the bed I
sleep in at night.

…gratitude that I have peace with my parents. Even when we don’t
understand each other – we always respect each other.

…gratitude for friends. My friends have enriched my life, and contributed
to my growth as a human being.

…gratitude for the simple pleasures. A friendly hello from a stranger
elates my soul.

…gratitude for music…listening, creating, the amazing live music I’ve
been fortunate to witness over the years. Thank you!

…gratitude for libraries…access to knowledge, freely available to all,
is a beautiful thing!

…gratitude for books.

…gratitude for computers and being able to access so much information!

…gratitude for the dark moments…without darkness one cannot appreciate
the light.

…gratitude that there are so many reasons to feel gratitude.


This writing was inspired by the genius of Oliver Sachs’ “Gratitude”. A beautiful collection of short essays that I found provoking, humbling.

This is an excellent exercise for those who are feeling down, dark or depressed. Write down what makes you feel good. What you’re thankful for. A friend? A pet? A song? A dress? Writing? Dance? I felt lighter of mood while writing this, and reviewing it helped give me a more balanced perspective of where I’m really at in my life. peace, hd]

Written: January 27. 2017

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