Short Stories

Can I Help You? – late 1980’s – “The other day there was a knock on my door…“Hello, can I help you?” I inquired of the little man with big ears and bad breath.

Gratitude – Jan 27, 2017 – “…gratitude for the roof above my head, the food on my plate and the bed I sleep in at night…gratitude for books…”

Gulliver’s Tailgater – Dec 2018 – “Something always happens on these drives home…Five minutes after my adventure with the uni-cyclist, lights in my rear-view mirror become brighter and more blinding by the millisecond, filling my vision with white light…”

Last Day of Poobah, The – Jan 29, 2018 – “The hardest part for a pet owner is having to say goodbye to our loved ones. Yesterday, I said goodbye to Poobah – my baby, my best friend, my companion, my therapist.”

Tuning with Les Rallizes Denudes – Aug 15, 2009 – “…the guitarist strums a chord, then another chord…the drummer bangs a cymbal…the bass player hits a note then another…there is no vocalist…they are tuning…”

Harvey Dog’s Carnival

Posts from Harvey Dog’s Carnival (Nov. 20th, 2005 to Sept. 16th, 2011)

#1 – The First Post Finally Appears – Nov 20, 2005 – “I saw John Cale live in Toronto at Larry’s Hideaway…and I was so fucking drunk I was at the back flirting with a girl named Candy.”

#2 – Tim Buckley, Hated Uncles story – Nov 28, 2005 – “We rented a van for too much money, packed the equipment and headed to the show. The big time! This could lead to something!”

#3 – Popping Eyeballs, Ash Ra Tempel – Dec 7, 2005 – “Ow! I just popped my eyeball.” “I don’t know how I put up with you babe.”

#4 – Poetry, Can, Dogs in the Bathtub – Dec 10, 2005 – “There’s a constant banging in the back of my head…taking me to another zone.”

#5 – Punks, Manfred Mann, Xmas, Poetry & Comments – Dec 18, 2005 – “Punk may be about attitude but isn’t the best punk railing against something…”

#6 – Tragically Hip Live, A Depressed Mess – Jan 15, 2007 – “Stoner Baseball Cap Guy & Screaming Sandy Smalltown sat beside me…”

#7 – Top 100 Canadian Albums Discussion – Oct 24, 2007 – “I could think of 20 albums by Neil better than the so-so “Harvest”…and Joni’s over-rated.”

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