It’s A Nice Day To Die, She Said

Nice Day To Die - drawing by Harvey Dog 2021

It’s a nice day to die
she said
revving the engine
of her silver

(the sun was setting
in a peculiar way,
angels were praying
in the desert sun)

you gamble you take chances
or why wake up?
she said

I, I dream of a future
and murder the past
she said

I, I talk to death daily
(do you like my new scars?)
it’s been a while since I died
she said

she rode with the wind
into the vast black sky.


  • The poem is about breaking the chains of the past and forging a future of new adventures and excitement.
  • Grammarly’s Tone Detector rates this poem as Disapproving (*****) Grammarly, really?! haha

December 18th, 2020

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