Imaginary Death

Imaginary Death – Harvey Dog (poetry reading) (2020)

Imaginary Death - drawing by Harvey Dog 2020

You were screaming
at an imaginary friend
who was screwing
your imaginary woman,
as the insects on the floor
cleaned the garbage
I got down to business.

“To define the purpose
of our existence…”

The floor parted
sending my audience
into the depths of

“Come back! Come back!”
I shouted in vain,
“I was only joking,
I was really going to
talk about girls!”

I was left alone
as the sun crept
through the window
broken bottles,
ashes on the floor,
I sighed to
the depths
of my soul
and picked up a
dead cockroach

death, you sly bastard,
you make me feel alive.


  • A sibling to The Hated Uncles’ “Imaginary Friend” – who even makes an appearance!
  • …or does he?

Written: 1990

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