I Breathe

Eagle & Man Flying - drawing by Harvey Dog 2021

drained, depleted,
strained, wearied,

I move
I breathe

of ruination
of death,
struggling, failing,
despairing, fading

I move
I breathe

past indiscretions
past mistakes

I am, I be
I breathe

There will be
no card games
at the funeral parlour,
no dancing
on my grave,
no smoking
at the cemetery

I will soar
with the eagles
toward eternity

I breathe
I breathe


  • An affirmative poem to offset all the depressed shit.
  • Grammarly’s Tone Detector rates this poem as Worried (*****) Direct (*****) Sad (****) Grammarly, really?! Direct – yes…but worried & sad? Are you depressed grammarly?

August 2020

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