Hippie at the Laundromat (The Poem)

Hippie in a Laundromat - drawing by Harvey Dog 2020

There’s a hippie
in the laundromat

“Peace to shirts!
Peace to pants!
Peace to socks!
Peace to undies!”


not really

…but in my
state of mind
I imagine
him performing
the above

Now I hate
his passiveness
more than ever.


  • You never know what you’ll stumble upon when digitizing your old poems. For this piece, I wrote a poem, a lyric (nothing like the poem) and unless my memories have become disjointed over time, I’m fairly certain that The Hated Uncles performed this piece a couple of times. No recorded evidence and I can’t remember which version of The Uncles may have done it live…but I’m fairly certain.
  • The lyric is especially silly, so I’m planning on recording it as the insane rant it is with slight instrumentation.

Written: 1987

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