Gurus of the Road

Guru of the Road - drawing by Harvey Dog 2020

ice immerses
the earth
in a frozen
of glass

I miss the sun
I pursue the sun
I crave the sun
I seek the sun

frustrated with
loss and my
lack of direction
I ask the gurus
of the road
where to locate
the elusive sun

“look into
the darkness
of the ice,
stare into
the crystals
of its eyes,
what it is
you resist”

I look the
other way…

fire rises
from every grain
of sand,
an eagle chews
its broken wings

I grab the eagle
by the scruff
of its neck,
the eagle sinks
its talons into
my heart
my soul

I won’t let go,
the eagle won’t
let go…

we fly
into the
frozen darkness


originally on “Harvey Dog’s Carnival”: Dec 18th, 2005


  • Occasionally, I would write poetry while working on a blog post. The poetry was spontaneous. I didn’t spend a lot of time editing – I’d either keep it or delete it. I was in a pretty bad headspace when I wrote this one, but it passed the “keep it in” test.
  • After re-reading the original (which is still in the Carnival post), I decided it needed work. This happens when you digitize your old poetry…you can’t help but “fix it up”. Hopefully, for the better!

Written: December 18th, 2005

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