A Pebble Shines

A Pebble Shines - Farmer - drawing by Harvey Dog 2021

“When we moved
to Canada
we worked from
sunrise to sunset
& sometimes
beyond” ***

a pebble shines
in the distance
beyond immediate
working to
narrow the gap
inch by inch by inch

“We were paid $45/week,
I never made so
much money before.
I could finally
support my family.” ***

the sun reflects
off the pebble
and it shines,
it shines

*** from a Lambton County farmer’s diary, circa 1920’s.


  • The 1st & 3rd verse are from a farmer’s diary, circa 1920’s. I came across it as part of my work at the Museum.
  • As I read the diary the first time, I reacted negatively: “I bet they made you work from sunrise to sunset…and for hardly any money.” In contrast, the farmer was positive, excited: “I could finally support my family.” That was the impetus for the poem, and a lesson in perspective & interpretation.
  • Grammarly’s Tone Detector rates this poem as Inspirational (*****). That’s nice!

February 12th, 2021

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