Harvey Dog’s Carnival (2005-2011)

From November 20th, 2005 to September 16th, 2011, I had a blog called “Harvey Dog’s Carnival”. It was my attempt to regain my creativity after a mental breakdown & medication had stifled it for a few years. Music was the main focus, but not exclusively. I wrapped up the blog when I started my music & writing websites.

I’ll add non-embarrassing posts from the Carnival to the Prose section of the site.

Can I Help You? (late 80’s)

The other day there was a knock on my door.

“Hello, can I help you?” I inquired of the little man with big ears and bad breath.

“I really don’t appreciate what you are doing to me?”

After this very curious statement, the man walked away and left me wondering what had caused him to be so upset. I shrugged and went back to the typewriter.

Knock knock.

The Last Day of Poobah (2018)

The hardest part for a pet owner is having to say goodbye to our loved ones. Yesterday, I said goodbye to Poobah – my baby, my best friend, my companion, my therapist. Poobah meant the world to me, and I loved her so much – I cannot begin to describe. She was 13 years and 2 months old. She joined our household when she was a tiny little puppy that could fit into the palm of my hand.

Gratitude (2017)

i feel

…gratitude for having the most
wonderful foster daughter, who
shines her light through my
darkness and has been my most
influential and profound teacher.

…gratitude for the simple
pleasures. A friendly hello from a
stranger elates my soul.

…gratitude for books.

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