My Head #1 – Missing Link, Motorcycle Helmets & The Gun Club

My Head Is My Only Home # 1August 30, 2021

Stressing! - drawing by Harvey Dog 2021
Don’t Stress!
Writing - drawing by Harvey Dog 2021

The Past, The Now, The Future?

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My 1st blog (surprisingly) is still online: Harvey Dog’s Carnival 2005-2011. Music – Writing – Poetry – Videos…that’s accurate!

2nd Breakdown Aversion Therapy Blues was a “sorta” blog about my depression struggles. I stored the posts on the HD Writings website from 2011 to 2014. Parts of it are scattered throughout the site.

This will be the 3rd blog: “My Head Is My Only Home”. An outlet for stray snippets, loose thoughts – words looking for a home. Music – Stories – Poetry – Videos – Wrestling.

Recent Listens #4

Charles Tolliver: Emperor March (2008) I’m not a big fan of Big Bands – that would be my Dad. I don’t hate them though – and the opening 13-minute song is very good! [note: 3 songs in & it’s thoroughly enjoyable] ***3/4

Procol Harum: Novum (2017) I enjoy late 60’s – early 70’s Procol Harum, but an album from 2017? It’s competent (of course!), but I could have been listening to Can…or Faust…or A Salty Dog…or Shine On Brightly. **1/2

Stiff Little Fingers: Nobody’s Heroes (1980) I don’t listen to a lot of punk rock these days…but, when I do, it sounds refreshing & energetic & a needed boost to my adrenalin. SLF were a primo punk band. ****

Bob Dylan & The Band: Nineteen74 (1974) A 3cd bootleg from the 1974 arena tour by Dylan & The Band. I fell under the spell of the officially released “Before The Flood” as an impressionable teen, and this boot offers some gems not on that release (One Too Many Mornings, Wedding Song, Forever Young). The sound is…ok. It is a boot after all! Great material. ***1/2

Art Pepper: Complete Village Vanguard Sessions (1977) This is fantastic! I’m a huge fan. Elvin Jones features on drums. Awesome! *****

The Gun Club: Mother Juno (1987) I saw The Gun Club at Larry’s Hideaway during my very drunken 4-month stint in T.O in 1984. Jeffrey Lee Pierce may have been as fucked-up as I was. Maybe. Actually, probably more since I didn’t want to die on heroin. I’m a fan. ****

The Gun Club Live 1983

Wrestling: The Missing Link & Kamala vs. Andre The Giant & Hacksaw Duggan 1983-09-09

I had the honour of being in the ring with The Missing Link Dewey Robertson a few times. Most notably, a match for the CWF in Hamilton, ON & a 2 out of 3 falls match at the Training Centre. That was the match that Link smashed me in the head with “Silent” Brian Mackney’s motorcycle helmet which (for some unknown reason) was in the corner on the apron. Link nailed me…I staggered back dancing with a jitterbug brain in a dark cavernous cave when I hear a voice mutter from afar: “Hit me.” The dance ends as eyes are drawn to a motorcycle helmet laying on the mat beside a large, biceps-bulging behemoth slowly trying to stand up. “Hit me,” the anthropomorphic beast repeats. I pick the motorcycle helmet up and whack him on the top of his head. Take that motherfucker!

“Harder.” The word floats from my assaulter’s mouth, who is morphing into “The Missing Link” Dewey Robertson.

I’m in disbelief…did I hear him correctly?


My brain continues piecing itself together &…harder? Really? I nail him a second time and toss the helmet aside. My hands vibrate from concrete calcified explosions. The match continues and Link wins 2 falls to 1. The Prince of Pain got ripped off…again. The fall I won was with an elbow from the 2nd rope. Link’s pin-falls were fast counts by an inexperienced, intimidated by Link, moron.

Love, The Prince of Pain.

I recently watched the HBO documentary on Andre. Many wonderful old clips – especially of Andre in the early days when he was still mobile. This match is at the time Andre’s health was declining, but the match is a blast with some of my favourite characters…and Hacksaw Duggan. I wasn’t a fan of his xenophobic character of the ’80s & ’90s, but his early days were fine.

Works in Progress

The blog.

The novel: detailed outline complete, working on 1st draft. Section 2 of 9 – 13, 484 words. I’m using Scrivener ( as my word processor, and Scapple ( for the outline. I recommend both! My goal is to finish the novel, to my satisfaction, before I die. If I survive, I have 2 other novels planned. The 2nd is already outlined (& around 40,000 rough draft) – the Pro Wrestling novel. The 3rd is for the future.

Poetry, Music, Videos & Drawing: The gates are always open!

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Ballad of Dwight Fry (Michael Bruce, Alice Cooper) (2021)

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