The Seventh Seal (2018)

The Seventh Seal – Harvey Dog (2018)

The Seventh Seal - drawing by Harvey Dog 2021

There’s a dead body /
outside your door

* ringing *
Oh, God…
somebody’s ringing the bell (2X)
* ringing *
don’t let him in don’t let him in /
please don’t let him in!
* ringing *
he’s got nothing to sell nothing to sell
he’s got nothing to sell

Wait! Hold on!
One more shot!
One more game!
1/2 an hour 1/2 an hour
it is written
the silence of heaven
reprieve reprieve reprieve

haha, ok, black for you
“It becomes me well”

W: pawn to f3
B: pawn to e5
W: pawn to g4
B: queen to h4

“accept your fate,


I stole some paper from a blind man
who looked the other way,
(I felt so bad) please
I’ve been puking in the sewer
since the break of day,
(7:00 am I feel so bad, so bad)
I lost my sanity to a beggar
he cursed like a philosopher
(I love a good story)

I talked to a smiling blackbird
he was a slave to the master
(there are no masters!)
I saw endangered species
they were howling in pain
(fucking trophy hunters
fuck off fuck off)
I played poker with a penguin
he was a little insane
(goo go g’joob goo goo g’joob)
a flash of lightning killed my grandma
she was clutching her rosaries
(it didn’t work, she still died)
I saw an empty ambulance
it was speeding away
from all emergencies,
I saw, I stole, I lost, I walked, I died (3X)

The dance of death
is calling me (2X)
accept our fate
the dance of death
is calling me



  • The final song on Harvey Dog’s upcoming “Volume 1: The Learning Curve 2012-2018”.
  • Wrote this after watching Fellini’s “Seventh Seal”. Added snippets from a poem I wrote in my early 20’s: “Confessions of a Man On His Death Bed”. I repeat: I was in my early 20’s. ??

Written & Recorded: July 2018

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