Alien Parables, Part 1 (2016)

Alien Parables, Part 1 – Harvey Dog (2016)

Alien Parables - drawing by Harvey Dog 2021

Once there was a woman with a pen
who wrote these BIG books,
that only psychopaths
on this planet could read
…the strange thing…
these psychopaths were the
leaders of this thing they called
“society” “government”
(can you believe it?)

This BIG book justified the
greed and selfishness
of these people & that what
they were doing was morally correct

You know what happened?

They were so focused on this thing
they invented called “money”
that, even if it meant destroying
the water they drank
the land they lived on
the air they breathed…
they would lie cheat and pollute
to collect more of this invention
they called “money”
but…before they knew it…

Alien Baby: What happened?
The water was poisoned
the land was unlivable
the air was unbreathable
& soon enough
these people were no longer around
to continue their path of destruction

…& before you knew it…

the water became clear and pure
the land strong and sure
the air clean
there was a future…

Alien Baby: “What planet was this?”

“Why…it’s our planet!”



  • Harvey Dog’s 2nd video creation.
  • My writing took a dystopian turn during this time period…maybe it still does?
  • Grammarly: Confident (*****) Sad (*****) Disapproving (****). Grammarly is harsh! Excellent!

Written & Recorded: July-August 2016

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