Hey, Mr. Ostrich (1989)

Hated Uncles – The Ostrich Knows – Variety Show cassette (1989)

The Ostrich Knows - drawing by John Kinsella 1989

drawing by John Kinsella for the “Variety Show” booklet 1989

Hey, Mr. Ostrich
why don’t you get your head
out of the sand
and take a look around?
Do you see starving people
at the bus depot,
have you noticed how thin
these people are?

“It’s none of my business.”

Hey, Mr. Ostrich
Have you noticed an increase
in the number of people
with no emotion
in their eyes?
Have you noticed
that they are dead
and living out of habit?

“That’s their problem, not mine.”

Hey, Mr. Ostrich
Have you noticed the
suicide rate
in these supposedly
happy times?
Have you noticed
the increase in
drug usage
and substance abuse?

“I do not tolerate addiction!”

Hey, Mr. Ostrich
Have you noticed
how crowded the bars
are getting?
Have you noticed
the high rate
of homeless citizens?
Have you noticed
how the rich get richer
and the poor
as poor as they
ever were?
Have you noticed an increase…

“Stop! I have other things to worry about!”

Hey, Mr. Ostrich
Has anyone ever told you
that you are a
consummate politician?

Video – Hated Uncles – Live Rathskellar 1989


  • A Harvey Dog & John Kinsella creation for the Variety Show cassette.
  • IMHO, I thought this was a great way to start a Hated Uncles set, only equaled when I read “I Kiss Society” over an amplified Vacuum Cleaner at Teasers in 1987.
  • JK cracked me up during this song. I never how over-the-top he would be. I loved it! Hi JK!
  • The basement – originally I typed “studio” but let’s be realistic here! – recording has our Stompin Tom tribute at the beginning…so long boob!

Written: 1987
Recorded: 1989

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