My Neighbours (1988)

Hated Uncles at Crystal Turtle studio in Hamilton, ON (1991)

My Neighbours - drawing by Harvey Dog 2020

My neighbours next door,
there’s Brad who’s got a gun
and his sister, Michelle,
a racist who puts down the blacks
while fucking them
in the alleyway,
Buddy’s not quite right
he’s a little slow,
the father’s a drunk
and the mother’s a whore
who offers it to me
for a few bucks.

I hear them throwing
pots and pans
onto the kitchen floor
blaming each other
for the way they are,
Dad belches
and chews out his woman
while the kids
laugh behind their frowns
and surly dispositions,
Brad and Buddy
kick the shit out of the bums
who have passed out in the alleyways
and they drink what’s left
inside their despondent bottles.

They bang on my door
and run down the hall
screaming, “Hey, Mr. Fuck-Up,
got any poems for us?”
I leave and grab a bottle
from the liquor store
and I raise my glass
towards my neighbours
as shots are fired
and screams echo down this hallway
of apathy and filth.

Video – Hated Uncles – Live Rathskellar 1989

Video – Hated Uncles – Live Corktown 1990


  • Well…hmmmm…I’m not sure what to say about this one!
  • I still like the lyrics and music (especially John’s guitar), but…this song brought out some theatrics during live performances (mine – not the band’s!) that I’m not crazy about – in hindsight…especially the 1990’s one.
  • When you look back on the past, you have to take the pleasant surprises with the unpleasant ones. ? At times my depression, internal anger & overall desperation – comes out in strange ways. ? Then again – it’s not that big of a deal acting like an idiot on stage…right? ?

Written: 1988

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