Note on the Door (2019)

Note on the Door – Harvey Dog (2019)

Note on the Door - drawing by Harvey Dog 2019

There’s a note on the door
…(I know what it says)
I wrote it during a dream

Wind rattled the windows
lightning lit the skies,
I looked through the holes
and took flight…
…(clutching the note)…

Bullets graze my skin,
explosions emit
endless screams,
dancing over mud puddles
six feet deep,
stay low to the ground,
…(lower than reality)
death is in the house,
violence infiltrates
every breath,
panic overwhelms,
Will I live?
Will I die?
Do I care?

I clutch the note
tightly to my soul,
don’t stop,
keep moving
I tell myself,
I’m still alive
I’m still alive…

Days pass, scenes shift,
I’m no longer
behind enemy lines

Tattered Flag - drawing by Harvey Dog 2019

In a small Parisian cafe
chatting with Camus
about guilt and pestilence,
a tattered flag
sways from its cross,
I resist the urge
to get drunk
and celebrate,
Freedom! Liberte!

I bid adieu
to my deceased friend

The note safely tucked
in the right front pocket
of my torn, muddy jeans

A few Euros stashed
in the left front pocket
of my shorn, bloody jeans

Heading down the road
circling back
to my old hometown,
seeking sanctuary
in the safety of memories

I attach the note
to the door
of my youth

hoping, praying
that dreams
can change the truth.


  • This is one of the 21 “possible poems” I found while scouring my notebooks from the past couple of years. I kept the germ but re-wrote most of it.
  • The audio was my first read-through. I made one slight mumble but thought – what the hell, sometimes the first take is the most natural.

Written: October, 2019

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