Freedom for the Butterfly (late 80’s)

freedom for the butterfly - drawing by Harvey Dog

The shadows on the wall
captivate my attention
like shit does flies,
you’ve gone and left me
staring at the clock
waiting for your call

the early morning sun
beams through my window
leaving me a silhouette
of my former self

you said you had to be free,
I didn’t realize I was
such a tyrant
waving a flag of authority
in your face…

stop me stop me
…before I go too far
…and say things
I’ll later…regret

You’re a butterfly
flying from one set
of arms
to another

I was only one set of arms
briefly entwining
your love in my web…

ah, what a fool I was
to think I could
capture a butterfly
and keep it alive
in my tyrant’s grasp.


Occasionally, while digitizing your old poetry, you stumble across one that doesn’t make you cringe.

Written: late 1980’s

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