Harvey Dog’s Carnival (2005-2011)

Header for Harvey Dog's Carnival blog
The header for Harvey Dog’s Carnival blog

From November 20th, 2005 to September 16th, 2011, I had a blog called “Harvey Dog’s Carnival”. It was my attempt to regain my creativity after a mental breakdown & medication had stifled it for a few years. Music was the main focus, but not exclusively. I wrapped up the blog when I started my music & writing websites.

Incredibly, the blog is still online at: Harvey Dog’s Carnival.

The blog served its purpose for me. Depression still follows too closely for my taste, but being able to have the cathartic ability to write again is something I am grateful for.

I won’t create new Posts for the old Harvey Dog Carnival Posts, but I’ll add non-embarrassing ones to the Prose section of the site. They have now been promoted from Posts to Pages…haha. When I’ve uploaded a bunch of them, I’ll add a new Post to give them a little love and attention.

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