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from Harvey Dog’s CarnivalDec. 18th, 2005

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The Punks meet Manfred Mann wrapping Xmas gifts with Guru T-Lu and poetry(?!) strikes again

I’ve recently become more interested in the classic punk period from the late 70s. Over Xmas, I’ll rent out Punk: Attitude from our local vid store.

Punk may be about attitude but isn’t the best punk railing against something…in other words
let’s change things up

do things a bit…

Harvey Dog has been, in the far ago past, been spotted with a Sex Pistols (as well as Bad Brains and Violent Femmes and Iggy) shirt on, and he had lots of attitude, but was it the best kind of punk? More beer-sodden and depressed probably, but hey, not to put myself down too much, I did rail against something…I felt and still think, change is needed.

I hope the new culture isn’t so brain-deadening, that people can still actually, you know…think. There are people doing good things though. Might as well keep hope, even though that’s increasingly difficult these days.

I’m looking forward to renting this out. I’ve lately read a couple of books about the era. That Legs McNeil “Please Kill Me.” Great trashy read. “Fury’s Hour” by Warren Kinsella. Pretty enjoyable. I’m over halfway through. “On the Road with The Ramones”. Another book that was loads of good times…and wondrous stories. Also a Patti Smith bio. Oh, should be a blast. Punk:Attitude official web site.

The Guru has been wrapping up our “late” Xmas gifts to Ontario and has been acting rather bizarrely, shall we say.

I don’t really understand Xmas at all.

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band: The Good Earth (1974) *** As this record was heading near the halfway point of the second side, I noticed that Guru T-Lu did not seem impressed with the progginess of this record. I had to tell her that she was never a teenage boy. As she left the room, she commented again, with a certain tone, about the “progginess” of this record.

The Guru has great taste in music, but she’s no prog head.

I think it’s sort of impressive and quite listenable. The Mick Rogers version of Manfred Mann is probably my fav period of theirs. The self-titled one is the best. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band’s official web site.

I don’t think I’ll play my Gentle Giant records for the Guru quite yet. Gentle Giant’s official web site.

The Eyes of the Guru

Ice immerses
the car in
a frozen
of glass

I miss the sun
I crave the sun
…I seek the sun

at my lack of direction

I ask the gurus
of the pavement
how to seek the sun

I look into
the reflection
of the ice

deep into its icy eyes

I look away…

An eagle is
chewing its wings

By the scruff of the neck
I grab the eagle
and won’t let go,
the eagle won’t
let go…

we slide away
into the
frozen darkness.


steven edward streight said…

“…Sex Pistols…but were they the best kind of punk?”

Probably not, but they were the First and Foremost and Most Revolutionary, simultaneously, so to speak, with The Ramones, Patti Smith, Talking Heads, Clash, Banshees, Adverts, Television Personalities, Desperate Bicyles…

…and Joy Division.

My favorite Punk music is PIL “Second Edition”. Most would not consider Johhny Rotten’s post-Pistols band as “punk”, but it was the only true “post-punk music” that has ever existed.

Public Image Ltd. slowed it all down from rapid rock to droning dirges, and rightfully so.

Best examples of normal early punk:

Dead Kennedys
The Fall
Black Flag
Sex Pistols
Day Glo Abortions
Siouxxie and the Banshees (listening to Nocturne double LP lately on cassette from Goodwill store 75 cents)

But PIL, Adam and the Ants (first two LPs only), Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire represent the true post-punk wildness and new direction, not that this is very much On Topic.

Harvey Dog replied:

Hi Steven aka Vaspers the Grate!

It’s always great to read your comments. I look forward to them and love reading your blog…always provocative! Also…Thanks for the link from your page! It’s time for me to list links to my fav blogs…Vaspers the Grate included.

“Second Edition” by PIL is a classic! ***** without hesitation. I think punk is more about attitude than the type of music played. In a LOT of ways I find the early “kraut-rock” of Can, Faust, Ash Ra Tempel to be as punk as anything…especially since they weren’t jumping on a “trend”. And, of course, John Lydon is a very huge fan of Can which you can clearly hear on “Second Edition”. I especially love “Poptones” “Careering” and “Chant” which absolutely hypnotizes me every time. Classic.

Just to clarify…The Ramones were a band before the English punkers. When Malcolm McLaren was in NY managing the New York Dolls he saw The Ramones and took all this rich musical knowledge and put it to great use with The Sex Pistols, who were definitely more “revolutionary”. The more I read about this time period, the more influential I realize The Ramones were. There was also a lot of sadness surrounding The Ramones. They deserved better.

You certainly named the classic punk bands and some awesome post-punk bands. I’ll be placing an order soon for some CDs, and I can’t believe that Amazon doesn’t carry any Desperate Bicycles!? They have 1 record listed in AMG…gotta keep searching. They sound great.

I’ve been lucky enough to see some of these great musicians live. Talking Heads (Burning Down the House period, an incredible show…I have a couple of vids of them from earlier and they were awesome live) PIL (I was a mess and did not appreciate it at the time…1983ish? Looking back, I regret it because I think I totally missed a great show) The Ramones (what you expect…1-2-3-4 let’s go!! It was great and I had friends of mine “Dik Van Dykes” open up for them. Lucky bastards!) DayGlo Abortions (loud, packed in a bar like sardines in Hamilton, and I loved it).

Ah, you’re bringing back good old punk memories to an aging musical child. Thank you.

Notes & Hindsight

  • A hot mess of a post, which makes sense, since I myself was also a hot mess at that time.
  • The comment was from Vaspers the Grate who I communicated with while running the blog. I lost contact with him when I stopped the blog. I hope he’s well!
  • Some would say the comments are more coherent than the post itself…haha.

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