Carnival 4 – Poetry, Can, Dogs in the Bathtub

from Harvey Dog’s CarnivalDec. 10th, 2005

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Royal Trux & Can get reviewed, Dogs in the bathtub and Paul McCartney is an ass!

There’s a constant banging in the back of my head…taking me to
another zone,
another space,
so it’s time to listen to some music
as medication.

Royal Trux: Cats and Dogs (1993) **** I’ve just started listening to Royal Trux, and I’ve been quite impressed…bringing me back to heroin-soaked days in the bathroom / looking for a fix / puke / face down / lots of fun.

I wish. * sigh * maybe one day…Royal Trux Wikipedia page.

I picked up my music magazines for the month today. MOJO, Uncut, Record Collector. The Uncut cd is the type I love. 2005’s most essential music. There’s usually something new that grabs my ears and drags me along kicking and screaming into new territory. I listened to it before Royal Trux, and I would say that Devendra Banhart certainly caught my ear. The new John Cale is awesome, the Ry Cooder was great, My Morning Jacket rocked a little harder than usual (that’s good for me), I already have the great Black Mountain, and this Antony guy always catches my ear. And so did, amazingly, Robert Plant’s new one. It’s the best I’ve heard out of him for like 30 years! No wonder I love these CDs…always lots new and old to explore. And considering how much Uncut blows McCartney, they knew enough NOT to put any of his new songs on it! No matter how “highly” rated it is.

I’m planning a new cd order. I’m thinking Willard Grant Conspiracy (didja ever hear their version of Dylan’s Ballad of a Thin Man on a MOJO cd??? Awesome! As is the whole cd except for some whiny guy who calls himself Songdog), maybe go for a 4 cd Live in Japan by Coltrane, Marc Carroll (for Guru T-Lu, and I like him too), maybe now the new Cale…Richmond Fontaine.

Who are The Arcade Fire???? Who are the Brain Police?

Isn’t that painting by Captain Beefheart at the top of the blog great? [2019 note: One of the Captain’s great paintings was at the top of the post.] Support the unknown geniuses in your town…if you know them…support them….artists, musicians, bloggers, photographers.

I almost popped my eyeball once again. Thank God I stopped it in time.

Guru T-Lu doesn’t seem to be taking my eyeball popping very seriously. In fact, one could say she’s mocking me. And dismissive. Ian Hunter would understand. That’s why he has to wear dark glasses all the time. Eyeball Popping. Ian Hunter’s great official web site.

Doggies in the Bathtub. Doggies in the Bathtub. This eerie song sung by Guru T-Lu with our dog Poobah on her in the bathtub. Anyway, how should the tune be sung? Apparently I was singing it too shoegazer-like. It’s supposed to be darker Guru T-Lu stated. Maybe more Diamanda Galas? I have to admit the Guru’s version was sending shivers down my spine.

7 poobahs in a bathtub
dancing in plastic love
Time for some Can…

Can: Delay 1968-1969 (1981) **** mind is bouncing out butterfly rhythms as Can flaps its wings rapidly…very early Can…butterfly beautiful Mooney spits it out butter-fly butter-fly.

The more of this early krautrock (Can, Amon Duul, Faust, Brainticket, Ash Ra Tempel, Neu!, Kraftwerk and so on) I listen to, the less “out of the blue” punk seems. This stuff is punk way before The Sex Pistols. And so were The Ramones. And Stooges. And New York Dolls…It’s a continuous flow baby!

inner space inner space
I can feel it throbbing
inner space
take me by the hand
lead me to the 19th century
understand the thief
he understands
what the true crime is

lead him to the noose
and past the
cheering crowd

ratings on the rise
and the hanging man


in the wind
and the pissing sea

it’s far too late
and I’ve done what I must
and not lost the trust
not lost the trust

still I scream
I’m the thief I’m the thief
just a crime
it’s just a crime.

Everybody must check out Can…amazing amazing stuff. Can’s Holger Czukay official web site.

I didn’t mean to step on this red thing,
I’m sorry that I made you cry….

Oh Poobah

I didn’t mean to hurt you
I’m sorry that I made you cry

Oh Poobah

I didn’t want to step on this red thing
I’m just a jealous dog.

sung to the tune of Jealous Guy as I was standing on Poobah’s red thing making her cry.

So Sgt. Poobah took you by surprise…

Listen to “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” and just tell me that Yoko Ono isn’t plastered…singing loud and over-the-top background vocals…Merry Xmas Yoko…

Notes & Hindsight

  • Man, I could tell I was striving to regain the freedom of the word, after being stifled by a breakdown and anti-depressants. I was excited to be writing again, and I think it’s noticeable.
  • I really don’t like The Arcade Fire.
  • I gave Delay by Can 4 stars???!!! Idiot! 5 freaking stars!!!

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