The Old Ladies

The Old Ladies Below - drawing by Harvey Dog 2020

the old ladies
who live
on the 1st floor
are silent, quiet

no coughing, no sneezing
no singing, no laughing
no crying, no dancing
but silence

no ringing of the telephone
no cursing, no orating
are they listening to me?
are they listening?

every sound
every cough
every creak
every noise I make
through the
80-year-old house…

are they listening
as I recite this poem
into the microphone?

the old ladies,
are they
…listening to my soul?
my dystopian rants?

their silence
is attacking my
peace of mind!


  • A poem I wrote when I heard there were 2 old ladies living on the floor below me of the apartment I was moving into. This was in 2018. I revamped the poem in May of 2020 and (I think) it’s for the better.
  • The 2 old ladies? They were about the same age as me! What does that mean?

Revamped: May, 2020 (original poem: October 27, 2018)

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