A Cricket’s Cry

A Cricket's Cry - drawing by Harvey Dog 2020

the cry of
a cricket
the stillness
of the night,
the steady rhythm
of his music
washes over me

…I cough…

a quiet

I listen
for the cry of
the cricket

floating silence
the wind

I retreat
and thank
my muse


  • Grammarly’s Tone Detector states the poem sounds: joyful! That’s unusual!
  • This poem was inspired by an actual cry of a cricket – at work. I’m at the Front and I kept hearing this noise that sounded like it was coming from between floors. I couldn’t figure out what it was – except, that it sounded like a living thing. I finally asked Matt what the sound was, and he replied: “come with me”. We went through the Collections Centre to the side door. He opened the door and a cricket made a dash to enter the museum. Matt stomped out his dreams and I felt sad. Apparently, crickets get stuck under the door and start crying.

August, 2020

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