In the Pit of My Gut (mid 80’s)

“That bastard’s really fucked up.”

crawling through space
waiting for God to appear
I spit and light a smoke,
inhaling the poisonous fumes
I impatiently shake my foot
and hear far-off voices.

“Do you think he’s dead?”
“he’s been dead for a long time sweetie.”

Gratitude (2017)

i feel

…gratitude for having the most
wonderful foster daughter, who
shines her light through my
darkness and has been my most
influential and profound teacher.

…gratitude for the simple
pleasures. A friendly hello from a
stranger elates my soul.

…gratitude for books.

See Your World Through A Microscope (1997)

See your world through a microscope
notice the changes and dreams denied
pick the channels that soothe your soul
nothing ever changes but I’m sure you tried

Do you like the way you’re lived your life
Do you change your memory for fun
Show your hand but hide the truth
Smile right at ’em and play their game