Stay Inside Molasses

Harvey Dog – October, 2018

Stay Inside Molasses Drawing

I’m a crazy horse man /
let the dogs howl /
listen to their wisdom

rotting apples tanning /
in the desert sun /
tastes just like filet mignon
reminiscing in the back of my mind /
tracing the lineage..of depression /
of addictions…addictions

let me stay inside
let me stay inside

playing electric violin on my arm / ow!
watching G.G.Allin shit on the stage /
how exciting!
smoking joints, hating myself, hating my life /
Get me out of here (no)

the pimps sell their wares on street corners /
(hey good lookin’)
let me stay inside / no
Jesus Christ sold his words /
with a team of 12 /
let me stay inside

curled up like a cat in the corner /
it’s dreadful out there /
I’m pleading
I’m begging
I’m praying
I’m dreading

I’m imploring
I’m beseeching
I’m entreating
I’m staying

let me stay inside
let me stay inside

books have words /
paintings have strokes /
plays have scenes /
music has movements /
I have a brain /
thick as molasses /

let me stay inside
let me stay inside
let me stay inside

it’s dreadful out there



I was a little unsure about this whole words & sounds creation at first, but it’s grown to become one of my favourites. Definitely, an autobiographical element to this one! Maybe that’s why I was unsure about it at first. Insecure?

Written: October, 2018

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