Heaven’s Mistake

Hated Uncles – Crystal Lake Studio – Hamilton, ON 1991

I’m floating through the heaven’s
with a halo on my head,
everybody’s dressed in white
and sleeping on clouds,
I could be dreaming
there could be a mistake.

Jesus, why’d you let me in
I’ve lived a life of sin

I went searching for an answer
a reason for this dream,
there’s too many questions,
I don’t understand this mockery,
this feeling of emptiness.


I rested on a cloud
and sang a lullaby,
I’m feeling empty and clean
like I lost my soul,
there’s tons of celestial light
screaming through the clouds.


I went back to the pearly gates
and I saw Jesus Christ,
I asked him: “Why’d you let me in?”
He said: “You’re not so bad son,
and everybody sins.”


Video – Hated Uncles – Live 1992


  • I wrote this in the late 1980’s. At first it was a poem – but, it worked as a lyric – our sensitive song…haha
  • I absolutely loved Monica’s vocals on this!
  • Irony

Written: 1988

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