Harvey Dog

Aching Molasses – February, 2019 – “My body / it’s becoming a fading memory.”

Big Bill Broonzy’s Got the Blues Again – August, 2019 – “The chimes at midnight reverberate down my spine / into my soul”

Blue Dreams of the Piano Man – October, 2019 – “the light of the sun
tickles my eyes”

Road to Utopia, The – July, 2019 – “Get the suitcase out / time to get it packed”

Skeleton Dreams – June, 2015 – “Laughter is the answer / what answer
dancing skeleton, for what question”

Stay Inside Molasses – October, 2018 – “I’m a crazy horse man / let the dogs howl / listen to their wisdom”

Stinkface Joe – December, 2018 – “eyeballs dancing / silent screaming / meds are missing / here come the cops”

Hated Uncles

A Night in the Alley1990 – “the scent of dead piss / alone in an alley…”

A Song of Heartache1980 – “…the burning hot rays could not melt the ice…”

See Your World Through A Microscope1997 – “See your world through a microscope / notice the changes and dreams denied”

Bad Etiquette

Distant 1992 – “I don’t know what’s wrong with Harv…he’s so…distant”

Nirvana in a Postcard1992 – “a mountain, falling through the sky…”