This Isn’t Sarcasm (1986)

I was watching PEN ’86 on television last night
and all the writers bitched and complained about politics in literature,
and I got really pissed off,
I mean, why wasn’t I invited?
I can bitch and complain with the best of them,
and besides,
I’m a better poet than Allen Ginsberg
and better looking as well.

A Song of Heartache (1980)

I was running through a field
containing icicles in the sun,
the burning hot rays could not melt the ice
so I proceeded to fuck a nun /
she squealed as we tossed and turned on a squeaky bed,
I got up to go, she said: “Give me one more head.” /
But the inspiration was gone
I had nothing left to give,
I said: “I’ll come back next week,” she said: “maybe you’ll come.”
She sighed and turned her Gideon’s Bible to page one.

The Fate of Merryland (early 80’s)

“There’s too much sadness in my kingdom,”
proclaimed the King of Merryland,
“from now on, everybody shall be happy
by the decree of me, King of Merryland.”

All the people laughed and put on a happy face,
oh, it was wonderful, where else but Merryland
would there be a national policy for emotions?


There were dissenters, a group called, “The Right to be Sad,”

The River Deep (2008)

packaging my abject
body and mind
I sought counsel
I sought respite
from the dark thoughts
stealing my peace
…my sleep

floating aimlessly
I met
an ancient man
rotting yellow teeth
thousands of lines
carved into his
calloused skin