Lecture (1992)

Settle down in easy chairs grasping our butts
that become wider as television diplomacy
informs us of what to think, how to behave,
what to believe,
what not to believe.

If you’re sick you’re not thinking right
and where did you get those ideas?
not in this house you impervious bastard,
lazy and sodden, drunk and drugged,
watch the television you lucky bastard

Love Is A Dog From Hell (2020)

Life is kinda lonely, when the rivers are low,
you know, John Prine told me so,
there is no secret, there is no mystery,
everybody struggles to be free,
a flower in the sewer captures my attention,
I pluck that flower, improve my situation

Streetlights flicker raindrops dance on concrete,
a mist hovers, faint screams echo the silence,
junkies search for invisible veins to prick,
a lonely prostitute asks me: “What do you want?”
a street preacher, he starts to sing:
“love is a dog, love is a dog from hell”

Hippie at the Laundromat (The Lyric) (1987)

in my current state of mind
I wish he would, you know,
give me some cosmic assurance
as I put the downy in the rinse cycle,
I need some sort of 60’s rebellion
something to give me that passion
that I need – I’m listening
I’m listening hippie
I’m listening

So I put the quarters in the dryer
then the hippie jumps up on top of the counter
screaming: “It’s time brothers and sisters!
Rejoice for inner peace can be found within yourself!”

Big Bill Broonzy’s Got The Blues Again (2019)

The chimes at midnight
reverberate down my spine / into my soul
A coyote packs howling
sets the dogs to barking / & I’m shaking
The sound of a broken acoustic guitar
pierces my soul /
Big Bill Broonzy’s in my dreams again
Big Bill Broonzy’s in my dreams again

Big Bill Broonzy’s got the blues again
You ain’t learned shit since you stole the blues
give him his money, he’s paid his dues
Big Bill Broonzy’s got the blues again

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