Big Bill Broonzy’s Got The Blues Again (2019)

The chimes at midnight
reverberate down my spine / into my soul
A coyote packs howling
sets the dogs to barking / & I’m shaking
The sound of a broken acoustic guitar
pierces my soul /
Big Bill Broonzy’s in my dreams again
Big Bill Broonzy’s in my dreams again

Big Bill Broonzy’s got the blues again
You ain’t learned shit since you stole the blues
give him his money, he’s paid his dues
Big Bill Broonzy’s got the blues again

The Road To Utopia (2019)

Get the suitcase out
time to get it packed,
check the weather
is it going to rain?
Where are the maps?
Where are the maps?
Do we even know where we’re going?
We have to be absolutely positively sure
we know where we’re going.

Who’s looking after the dog?
I don’t know about this
I don’t know
are we doing the right thing?

A Song of Heartache (1980)

I was running through a field
containing icicles in the sun,
the burning hot rays could not melt the ice
so I proceeded to fuck a nun /
she squealed as we tossed and turned on a squeaky bed,
I got up to go, she said: “Give me one more head.” /
But the inspiration was gone
I had nothing left to give,
I said: “I’ll come back next week,” she said: “maybe you’ll come.”
She sighed and turned her Gideon’s Bible to page one.

See Your World Through A Microscope (1997)

See your world through a microscope
notice the changes and dreams denied
pick the channels that soothe your soul
nothing ever changes but I’m sure you tried

Do you like the way you’re lived your life
Do you change your memory for fun
Show your hand but hide the truth
Smile right at ’em and play their game