My Head Is My Only Home

#3: My Experiences with AntidepressantsSeptember 24, 2021 – The Oakville breakdown, antidepressants, paranoia, “Back to the Land” – Harvey Dog audio 2015, making bacon in the middle of the night, ups and downs, have more pills! “Why Do I Feel So Bad?” – Harvey Dog video 2021

#2: The Injuries of a Hated UncleSeptember 3, 2021 – A look at some of the injuries suffered by Harvey Dog as the vocalist for the Hated Uncles…early training for pro wrestling. An absurd video was created for the post: “On Stage Antics of a Hated Uncle”.

#1: Missing Link, Motorcycle Helmets & The Gun ClubAugust 30, 2021 – The Past The Now & The Future, Recent Listens #4, The Gun Club live 1983, Missing Link – Prince of Pain motorcycle helmet incident, Missing Link / Kamala vs. Andre The Giant / Hacksaw Duggan 1983, Works in Progress & the video for Harvey Dog’s cover of Alice Cooper’s “Ballad of Dwight Fry”.

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