Hysterical Laughter (2013)

Hysterical Laughter – Harvey Dog (2013)

"Hysterical Laughter" drawings by Harvey Dog 2022

hysterical laughter
hyenas in heat,
vibrations in the air
over the top
8:30 in the morning
and quaking
shouted at each other
as I cower
in my office
scared to make my
presence known…

what is this madness?
what is this hysteria?
can laughter
be louder?
…or more mannered?

I withdraw
further into myself
feeling like an alien
to this hysteria

everybody seems so busy

then I hear
that screeching laughter
that makes me shudder
to my core…

The boss has entered the building.



  • I wrote this piece about a real place I worked at.
  • Grammarly’s Tone Detector: Confident (*****) Sad (*****). Confident..and sad?

Written & Recorded: 2013
Video & Drawings: September 2022

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