Some People Are Assholes (1986)

Asshole - drawing by Harvey Dog 2020

Some people have opinions about
every god-damned thing
underneath the fucking sun,
I have no time for opinions
from capitalist sexist assholes,
for they are the worse sort of
opinions I hear.

“A woman’s place is at home.”
“A woman’s only good for fucking.”

Yeh. Right.

Some people don’t know
when to shut their fucking mouths.

There was one person I know
who had an opinion about everything,
of course, he was always right.

He hated me, I hated him.
mutually disrespectful assholes
sitting around hating each other.

When I meet an asshole who happens to be rich
I thank the Lord I’m poor and struggling.
That doesn’t mean I won’t drink his beer.

I’m not stupid.

Acceptance Letter - Alt Fiction & Poetry 1988


  • This was accepted for publication by “Alternative Fiction & Poetry” (based out of Bronx, NY) in April 1988.
  • This is not one of my favourite poems…a couple of poems that were accepted, I’m puzzled about. Happy…but, puzzled.
  • This is the most prestigious magazine I had poetry accepted for publication. Bukowski, Ginsberg, Creeley were some of the poets that were published in this mag. It was an honour to have a poem accepted by them!
  • Yes…a real person inspired me to write this. No, I will not identify the culprit! ?

Written: 1986
Accepted: April 1988

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