Man on the Corner (1990)

Man on the Corner by Bad Etiquette from Bad Etiquette (1992) JH, JB

Man on the Corner - drawing by Harvey Dog 2020

cigarette dangling
from chapped lips,
hat pulled down
over hairy brows,
quick glances
at his wristwatch


long overcoat
stained underarms
a bead of sweat
dangles from his nose
cigarette thrown
to the pavement

I approach him

a scowl creases
his mouth
as he darts
his head
back and forth
forth and back

as I approach
he flees
into the safety
of the crowd
and I stand there


cigarette dangling
sweat dripping
hat pulled down
over shaved brows
glancing at the
sun reflecting
off the cement

always waiting

Bad Etiquette Cover


  • A catchy little number from the Bad Etiquette cassette. I wrote the lyric about a year or two prior and brought it along. Another one of John’s catchy riffs!
  • What is that instrument John’s playing? My old organ?
  • Im proud of the work we did on this cassette! It was a good week.
  • I felt my writing had improved during this time period…the more you write, you’re bound to improve. Not saying anything about quality…haha.

Recorded: August 1992
Lyric Written:1990

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