The Old Ladies (2020)

the old ladies
who live
on the 1st floor
are silent, quiet

no coughing, no sneezing
no singing, no laughing
no crying, no dancing
but silence

no ringing of the telephone
no cursing, no orating
are they listening to me?
are they listening?

Nothing Matters She Said (1988)

I walked down
the hollow hallways
as the empty vibrations
of decadence
rang in my ears,
I stopped in front of room 238
and was about to knock
when I heard her voice
through the cardboard door.

Nothing matters, she said,
life is empty and meaningless
it’s only sex, not love
it means nothing to me.

My Neighbours (1988)

My neighbours next door,
there’s Brad who’s got a gun
and his sister, Michelle,
a racist who puts down the blacks
while fucking them
in the alleyway,
Buddy’s not quite right
he’s a little slow,
the father’s a drunk
and the mother’s a whore
who offers it to me
for a few bucks.

Monday Night Isolation (1986)

It’s a Monday night
and there’s nothing to do,
alone in my apartment,
I can’t think of any woman
to keep me company,
no job to worry about
no job to bitch about
no job to drive me crazy,
watching the frost formations
on my window
and I’m out of beer.

Melted Chocolate Days (1985)


She sets the table,
methodically, slowly,
unbearably tedious,
you sit shuffling silently
waiting for the call:
“Supper’s ready!”


Greedily hurrying grace
so you can stuff your face,
tender meat, hot steaming rolls,
vegetables reluctantly eaten
to get to dessert,
finally, the wait is over:

Left-Handed Approach (1984)

I don’t believe in suicide,
I believe in liver disease, alcohol
lung cancer, cigarettes,
and breaking my ankle
doing fancy pirouettes.

I used to write a poem a day,
now I realize, there’s nothing left to say,
burning, turning in bed at night
hoping one day I’ll see the light
now I know, now I know

Lecture (1992)

Settle down in easy chairs grasping our butts
that become wider as television diplomacy
informs us of what to think, how to behave,
what to believe,
what not to believe.

If you’re sick you’re not thinking right
and where did you get those ideas?
not in this house you impervious bastard,
lazy and sodden, drunk and drugged,
watch the television you lucky bastard