Do Something (2022)

The weather’s been good
Mrs. Thibeault whispered
to the vibrating witch
casting spells on a prone body
lying on the operating table

“I’m still awake doctor!”
“That’s ok, I’m not”, the doctor replied,
I danced to a cloud &
looked down from above,
“Mrs. Thibeault put on some clothes!”
I looked away in the opposite direction
hung up the phone
& waved goodbye
bye Mrs. Thibeault bye bye

My Brain (2022)

My brain…won’t stop talking
My brain…won’t stop nagging
My brain…won’t stop thinking
My brain…zig zag zagging

My brain…it knows my weakness
My brain…hides in darkness
My brain…never forgets never forgets
My brain…
won’t leave me alone.

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