Gulliver’s Tailgater (2018)

The security system at the William Mason Library is on, the lights turned off and we are officially closed. It’s a touch past 9 and getting dark on this hot August night.

“Good night.”
“See you tomorrow.”
“Safe drive.”

I check the front door one final time to ensure it’s truly locked.

This Isn’t Sarcasm (1986)

I was watching PEN ’86 on television last night
and all the writers bitched and complained about politics in literature,
and I got really pissed off,
I mean, why wasn’t I invited?
I can bitch and complain with the best of them,
and besides,
I’m a better poet than Allen Ginsberg
and better looking as well.

Harvey Dog’s Carnival (2005-2011)

From November 20th, 2005 to September 16th, 2011, I had a blog called “Harvey Dog’s Carnival”. It was my attempt to regain my creativity after a mental breakdown & medication had stifled it for a few years. Music was the main focus, but not exclusively. I wrapped up the blog when I started my music & writing websites.

I’ll add non-embarrassing posts from the Carnival to the Prose section of the site.